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Buena Vista Colorado  

Located in central Colorado, Buena Vista boasts the greatest concentration of 14,000' peaks in North America.

Some things to check out on your next visit:

  • Chalk Lake - great fishing spot for kids
  • Agnes Vaille Falls
  • St. Elmo - Historic Ghost Town, the General Store is still open! Don't forget to feed the chipmunks!
  • Mary Murphy and Allie Belle Mines - more than 100 years old, many of the original buildings are still standing.
  • Hancock Town site - An old mining town and railroad hub at 11,000 feet!
  • The Alpine Tunnel - at 11,523 feet, it once was the highest railroad tunnel in the world!
  • Tincup - old mining town that dates back to 1879. Also boasts a historic cemetery.
  • Pitkin
  • Taylor Reservoir
  • Mount Antero - 14,269 feet, you can drive up to 13,700 and hike the rest of the way.

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